Your Advanced Wound Healing Partners


Healthcare providers will enjoy professional gratification while practicing advanced wound care modalities in a setting that provides scheduling personnel, outcome tracking, advanced dressings, and hyperbaric technology. Wound Healing Institute medical directors, physicians, and staff are supported and recognized by Innovative Healing Systems as valued leaders in their respective disciplines. This vision incorporates the support of physicians in their quest for excellent outcomes. Wound care and hyperbaric medicine has evolved to a specialty requiring additional skills, training and the opportunity for certifications.


Surgeons and physicians are supported by Innovative Healing Systems through the proctorship program for board certification in multiple disciplines. In the proctorship program physicians will be mentored and guided toward obtaining certifications in both hyperbaric medicine and wound care. Credentialing of physicians by nationally recognized organizations is a statement to the community of commitment and excellence in a specialization that is on the cutting edge of medical science.


Nurses can enjoy the working with a team of dedicated professionals devoted to healing patients. The opportunity to truly develop a relationship with patients is afforded as their plan of care is developed to treat a problem wound from inception to a final healed result. Patient satisfaction is rewarding for the entire clinical staff. Nurses employed by Innovative Healing Systems can leverage excellent compensation and benefit packages that include educational support through Innovative Healing Systems continuing education and certification reimbursement program.

Certified Hyperbaric Technologists (CHT)

Certified Hyperbaric Technologists and Safety Directors employed by Innovative Healing Systems have ample opportunity in the development, refinement, and implementation of hyperbaric safety protocols as they lead and monitor patient comfort and safety. Many technologists enjoy participation in the patients’ plan of care and positive results from their efforts. Innovative Healing Systems recognizes the key elements of success that differentiate the average wound care and hyperbaric center from a true center of excellence. Carefully crafted education and orientation programs lay strong foundations of growth and opportunity. These programs harness and develop the power of our greatest asset, the team. Certified Hyperbaric Technologists and Safety Directors additionally have access to our continuing education and certification reimbursement program.