Your Advanced Wound Healing Partners

Education & Training

“Our success hinges on the kind, fair, and equitable treatment of every
personal relationship we touch.”

- Catherine Todorovich

Institute medical directors, physicians, and staff are supported and recognized by Innovative Healing Systems as valued leaders in their respective disciplines. Our renowned chief medical officer and president is one of the few board certified proctors who make available his mentorship and guidance to the Institute medical directors, physicians, and staff. Additionally, Innovative Healing Systems education division recognizes key elements of success that differentiate the average wound care and hyperbaric center from a true center of excellence. We have developed education and orientation programs that lay strong foundations of growth and opportunity. These programs harness and develop the power of our greatest asset, the team, and they include:

  • Collaborating with the hospital marketing and educational team
  • Providing hospital coding and billing team with educational expertise
  • Supplying customized electronic health record for point of service documentation and coding
  • Training physicians under the UHMS standards of hyperbaric proctorship
  • Facilitating physician education to obtain wound and hyperbaric medicine board certifications
  • Increasing physician revenue potential
  • Establishing regional physician leadership roles
  • Reimbursing nurse’s and technologist’s wound education, certifications, and continuing education units