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Hospital Administrators

A Wound Healing Institute from Innovative Healing Systems is a seamless hospital addition with the opportunity to capture extended market share and enrich the quality of life for community members debilitated by persistent wounds. The benefits of the advanced therapies positively impact the hospital administration and yield quality outcomes from an accredited center of excellence that contributes to the clinical and financial success of the hospital. Hospital administrators have benchmark measures to evaluate the success of the program, and Wound Healing Institutes have proven to exceed the industry standards.

Return on Investment

Innovative Healing Systems management team will support your hospitals strategic objectives by providing the expertise and tools for consistent outcomes and a faster return on investment. We share in the financial risk and provide continued support to your hospital with staff, physicians, and community including appropriate updates for reimbursement, coding, policies, and procedures.

Management Team

  • Board Certified Proctor
  • Hyperbaric Specialist
  • Education Director
  • Risk Manager
  • Reimbursement Specialist
  • Insurance Authorization Service
  • Experienced Physician Advisory Panel
  • Certified Wound Care Nurses Advisory Panel
  • Start up Specialist

Business Plan

Innovative Healing Systems meets with hospital administrators to discuss the proposed project and then applies resources and experience to submit a comprehensive development plan. Some features of this interaction and resulting business plan include:

  • Review Program Vision
  • Conduct Needs Analysis
  • Provide Detailed Consultation
  • Analyze Area Demographics
  • Forecast Patient Volume
  • Project Financial Plan
  • Create Marketing Strategy
  • Initiate Legal Contracting
  • Engage Management Services
  • Start-up Program Facility
  • Review Progress Actions
  • Determine Expansion Plan

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