Your Advanced Wound Healing Partners
Core Values

Core Values


Service excellence is valued as a strategic goal. Through a day to day commitment to excellence, employees, partners, and patients receive the absolute best experience while accessing all offered services.


Positive outcomes and high patient satisfaction are central to success. Leadership at all levels is practiced and engrained establishing confident work environments and superior patient outcomes.


People at Innovative Healing Systems commit to developing a work environment of shared respect and responsibility to achieve the successful delivery of service to our patients, partners, and employees. Professionalism, integrity, honesty, loyalty, and trust combined with strong work ethics create effective teams with the core values that contribute to the success of our mission.


Personal and professional growth is facilitated by all teammates helping and supporting each other. Advanced educational opportunities are available to enable members of the organization to integrate additional knowledge into the day to day work environment.


Financial success and stability are pledged to the team and the hospital through developing and maintaining sound business strategies and operational efficiency.