Your Advanced Wound Healing Partners

Our Team

The management team’s credentials cover a range of talent necessary in providing the key elements for a Wound Healing Institute to prosper clinically and financially.

Wound Care

Experienced wound care leaders managing top performing programs. Their knowledge and education covers the latest recognized modalities to promote the quickest path to healing. Attention is paid to every detail to optimize patient flow and resource efficiency.


Hyperbaric technical support experts understand the science of the treatments as well as the paramount importance of safe chamber operation. Skill sets include specialized maintenance training to guarantee continuous quality treatment schedules.


Business specialists provide the leadership and global planning that ensures key elements such as marketing, advertising, and development processes are in place to guide successful program growth. This entrepreneurial spirit is essential to develop and maintain critical market share as competing centers enter the marketplace.


Financial professionals skilled in healthcare reimbursement are proficient at demonstrating the latest procedures to secure the optimal return on investment. They support the hospital staff in developing the best practice for coding, billing, co-payment, and accounting.


A board certified health law attorney and legal consultants stay abreast of the laws and regulations that impact the Wound Healing Institutes. These consultants to Innovative Healing Systems provide the advice to make certain compliance and regulatory standards are adhered to.


Educators make available orientation, proctorship, seminar, and training presentations to ensure physicians and clinicians are practicing at the leading edge of healing science. Materials include well crafted PowerPoint presentations, video conferences, instructional DVDs, and hands on personal mentoring.