Your Advanced Wound Healing Partners

Welcome to Innovative Healing Systems

Innovative Healing Systems provides hospital administrators with wound care and hyperbaric management and consultation expertise to optimize healing outcomes, patient satisfaction, and return on investment (ROI). We develop relationships with hospitals and physicians to establish wound care and hyperbaric programs, enhance and expand existing facilities, and provide transitional management support expertise in a personal way ensuring clinical and financial success. Clear, defined, and measurable success is interwoven in the clinical culture that leads to establishing a true center of excellence for the hospital community that exceeds expectations.

Our Wound Healing Institutes offer opportunities for healthcare providers to focus their talents in the rewarding field of wound healing medicine with exciting prospects for credentialing and multiple certifications by nationally recognized organizations.

Innovative Healing Systems is an international company. We have an emerging presence across the Middle East and Asia. Through Innovative Healing Systems, International clients have accesses to develop state of the art wound care and hyperbaric facilities through consultation with our talented staff experts. These professionals have diverse backgrounds and are familiar with the needs of many countries allowing Innovative Healing Systems to efficiently transfer the technology and knowledge necessary to apply high standard treatments to patients worldwide.

Innovative Healing Systems is also an affiliate of WoundCareMD, a cloud-based EHR solution designed specifically for wound care and hyperbaric medical centers and practices.